What is ULI™ Methodology?

We formulate our products based on ULI™ (User-Led Innovation) Methodology, our proprietary, customer-focused product development process. Our Research & Development team relies on the feedback of our pilot users to identify product gaps, refine our formulations and create clean and high-performance products that are suitable for Asian skin and weather to optimise your experience.


Meet our Chief Formulator



Founder, CEO and Chief Formulator at 21GRAMS

Karen received her Master Degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University and was awarded the Prince Philip Scholarship and Effie Marshall Prize as a recognition of her academic excellence. She leads our Research & Development team and is committed to pushing the boundaries of the clean beauty movement, bringing us a greener and cleaner option to sustainable skincare. 

As a columnist of the Hong Kong daily newspaper am730, Karen also shares ingredient dissections and skincare insights with people from all walks of life so that they are armed with knowledge and become smarter and greener consumers.


ULI™ Methodology Process

In 5 mindful steps, your beloved product is born!

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We invite pilot users to express their product preferences and skincare habits to better understand and cater to the wants and needs of our customers. By eliminating unwanted features or products, we are protecting the environment against potential wastage of obsolete stock.


Combining the survey data and the expertise of our team, the product prototype is developed with ingredients that are responsibly grown, processed and in compliance with FDA, EWG and EU guidelines. We ensure our formulations pose no known health hazards to our customers.

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We distribute our product prototypes and collect feedback from our pilot users. Pilot users can also contribute to our ULI™ Methodology process by funding our Research & Development team on our journey to creating a sustainable skincare product.


Upon receiving feedback from our pilot users, we take a deeper look into the different aspects of our prototype, which will go through rounds of iteration until we are satisfied with the outcome.

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When the formulations meet our requirements, they will be manufactured in Hong Kong on a large-scale basis. The final products will be submitted to SGS, the world’s leading certification organisation, for product safety and quality check before launch. We are represented by reputable online and offline distribution networks so that our customers can get their hands on our newest formulations.


User testimonials

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The fresh deodorant smells heavenly of citrus (my favourite) and the men’s deodorant has a lovely scent. I’m thrilled to see natural deodorants in Hong Kong.

Annie, Founder of Anniegurumi

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